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The Public Square is a performance intervention of open, spontaneous and non rehearsed dialogue in public spaces.

The Public Square is a non scripted intervention whose shape and content are 
defined by what the public brings into it and what emerges in the moment out of random conversations between strangers. It is a non-theatre event in the sense that it doesn't adhere to traditional theatre conventions but rather views performance as a unique space of encounter and dialogue.
At a historic time where relations with others are impregnated with suspicion, fear and hostility, and where digital media have drastically altered the way we communicate with one another, the Public Square aims at restoring a cultural and social space of sharing at the heart of our communities. It offers an artistic response to the increasing atomisation of social life that has resulted in a sense of loss of our ability to recognise and engage with others.

The Public Square is brought to different undisclosed locations in Bedford.
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