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MIDAIR: co-created art installation on migration 22-26 June 2022

We are delighted to have been commissioned by Bedford Creative Arts to work on an art installation called MIDAIR whose intention is to engage with members of the local community who have migrated to Bedford over the years to co-create mobiles of photographic memories of their past or present.

The installation is created in the context of Refugee Week 2022 whose theme this year is Healing. It intends to bring visibility to the experiences of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers to enable connections with the larger community and create spaces of dialogue and creativity. It also acknowledges the trauma experienced by migrants and the need to provide safe and caring communities of healing.

The installation consists in inviting long established or newly established migrants, refugees and asylum seekers to bring a picture that they are prepared to see displayed on photo mobiles as testimony of their experiences.

The photo mobiles will be created throughout Refugee Week between the 22 and 26 June 2022 at St Paul’s Church in Bedford. The installation welcomes contributions from all cultural traditions and faiths.

Other spaces of sharing, dialogue and creativity will be open throughout the week alongside the photo mobiles on the themes of displacement, memory, visibility, connection and healing.

If you live in Bedford and would like to contribute to the project send an email to or, or call Bedford Creative Arts on 01234 818670, or drop your contributions off at St Paul’s, which is open from 11.00am to 3.00pm Monday to Friday.

See details of the project on the Bedford Creative Arts website:

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