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MIDAIR is a co-created installation of photo mobiles on migration.

This installation project engaged with members of the local community who experienced migration to create mobiles of photographic memories of their past or present.


This project acknowledges the trauma experienced by migrants and the need to provide safe and caring communities of healing. It aimed at bringing visibility to the experiences of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers to enable connections with the larger community and create spaces of dialogue and creativity.

The installation consisted in inviting long established or newly established migrants, refugees and asylum seekers to share a picture as testimony of their experiences.


The project was commissioned by Bedford Creative Arts and created for Refugee Week 2022. It was displayed in central Bedford, St Paul's Church, between the 22nd and 26th June 2022. 







































































Pictures © J F Jacques © Cristian Cacuci




MIDAIR was covered in the media on the BBC News website and the Bedford Independent


MIDAIR was also featured on BBC Look East on the 22nd June 2022.


A walk though MIDAIR © J. F. Jacques

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