50/50 is an original intersectional performance project based on the experience of being 50.
It is currently being developed and curated.
For that purpose, I am looking at interviewing for no more than 100 secs 50 people in their 50s about being 50 (+).
If you are interested to take part in an interview and willing to help the development of the project, please email me at jfjacques14@gmail.com
  J. F. 

I am a performance maker, visual artist, writer and researcher


​I am the creative director of the Theatre of Lived Experience. I create art work based on personal narratives to foster awareness, understanding and acceptance of one another. My work aims at challenging perceptions, and opening creative spaces for reflection, dialogue and change. It is located at the intersection between the personal and the collective. I am interested in performance art as public and social intervention whereby audiences are involved as co-creators. I experiment without knowing whether it will work.

I am based in Bedford (UK).

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